After the Rain

Sunday November 7th 2021

A light rain continued off and on all night, but things started to clear with the arrival of daylight. By mid morning the sun was attempting to break through the clouds. It took until late in the afternoon for it to succeed. The wind was still brisk from the north keeping the high temperature in the low to mid sixties.

Anhinga on the bank of the retention pond drying its wings. I scared it into the water a moment later as I approached
In the water the Anhinga lives up to its nickname of snakebird.

I got out for my first real walk since Thursday. There was plenty of standing water from the last two days of rain remaining around the RV park and the retention ponds were a foot or two higher. As I walked around the park I saw evidence of some wind damage. One RV awning had come lose from one of its support arms and another one was ripped badly. Keeping an awning out during strong winds is always a risk. In the case of the ripped awning, I don’t think anyone was home during the storm. That awning is probably totaled, but the other one may be repairable. That’s one of the reasons I never leave my awning out when its windy or when I’m not around.

The Little Blue Heron was at the top of a light pole today.

My day was spent watching sports on TV. There were a couple of good football games and the NASCAR championship race from Phoenix to watch. The channel change button on my remote got a good amount of exercise as I channel surfed between events.

The fountain in the retention pond looks better with the higher water level.

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