More Rain and Not Much Else

Saturday November 6th 2021

I thought Friday was a rain day. Today beat Friday in the miserable day contest by a landslide. The overnight hours started without rain, but lots of wind. About 6AM heavy rain on the roof woke me up. For the next twelve hours it rained continuously. As I’m writing this blog entry the rain has stopped, but another round overnight is in the forecast. More than five inches of rain is forecast before the storm moves into the Atlantic.

View out my RV home window in the drivers side.

The outside temperature didn’t reach fifty degrees. Inside I had to run heat to keep it comfortable. My choice is to use a little electric cube heater. It isn’t strong enough to change the inside temperature quickly, but it does a good job maintaining the temperature. The advantage of the little heater is the decibel level. It is very quiet compared to the other options. The loud propane furnace will get the temperature up to comfort level quickly in a pinch, but you can’t hear yourself think let alone the TV.

View out my RV home window on the passengers side. Note the flooding around the palm tree.

Once again I stayed in all day. It wasn’t a day for outside activities. Without any pressing need to be on the roads, it was safer and more comfortable to stay in my Rv home. I spent most of the day binging on YouTube videos.

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