Signs of the Weekend Rain Remain

Monday November 8th 2021

The weather in Jacksonville was back to full sun with a blustery wind. The high temperature was below normal at about 65 degrees. Overall it was a very nice day.

Blossom of the Day

The return to standard time caught up with me today. I was up later last night than usual. This morning between the late bed time, the time change and the fifty degree inside temperature kept me in bed longer than normal. Once I did get up I was moving slower than normal. The earlier sunset also played into my temporal challenge. The sun was setting and the temperature dropping on my afternoon walk around the RV park even though I was earlier than normal.

The area is slowly recovering from the weekend storm. While I was out today I saw a number of areas with cut up branches on the sides of the road. Some roads were still covered with a few inches of water. I stopped at the boat launch area for the Trout River that I stop at frequently. The water level near high tide was higher than I’ve seen on other visits. The combination of higher than normal high tides because of the moon phase with the additional runoff attempting to flow out the river is the primary cause.

I need to fill up my gas tank, but I’m waiting for the impact of the storm to be fully understood. One of he gas stations in southern Georgia that I often frequent was pumping more water than gas on Saturday. More than a handful of cars broke down on Interstate 95 after stopping for a full tank of gas. I’m sure the problem is resolved today, but waiting another day couldn’t hurt.

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