An Inside Kind of Day

Friday November 5th 2021

It started to rain during the night and has continued all day. Some areas in greater Jacksonville have experienced street and low area flooding. The wind direction and the monthly high tides have also produced some of the creeks and rivers to push out of their banks a bit. Over six inches of rain is forecast south of the city before it ends late tomorrow. The high temperature for the day was in the low to mid sixties. Overall it was a stay inside kind of day.

View out my window during one of the periods between downpours.

Last year at this time I was dealing with a different kind of severe weather. I was in the Florida Keys with a tropical storm that turned into a hurricane headed right for me. I ran from the storm a day before my reservation was up, but should have departed another day sooner. The trip off the keys was in heavy traffic, heavy rain and increasing wind gusts. It wasn’t until late the next day that I had successfully gotten out of hurricane ETA’s path to dry weather. Three days later the storm was headed right for me again, but it weakened enough to be an annoyance rather than a problem.

It seems like I’ve experienced a lot of rain this year, but it has more to do with the part of the country I’ve been traveling through. The southeast is a wetter area than the mountains and deserts of the west. A rain storm or two isn’t a big deal, but long periods of rain with heavy wind is a concern. I remember three or four of those occasions this year.

I spent the day researching next years travel on the internet, reading and watching TV. It was a day with much to write about in this blog entry.

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