RV Park Halloween

Sunday October 31st 2021

It was another cooler than normal day today. The inside temperature started in the fifties this morning. Heavy cloud cover kept the sun from quickly warming the inside and the outside temperature peaked a little short of seventy late in the afternoon. A little bit of sun broke through before sunset to give the overall temperature climb a little help.

Blossom of the day.

Last year at this time I was at Curry Hammock State Park with daytime high temperatures in the mid to upper eighties and higher. It wasn’t until well into November when I was in central Florida that I experienced cool temperatures. Getting used to winter temperatures is going to take some time. In Florida that means daytime highs in the sixties and the occasional night time temperature in the north half of Florida below freezing. In most of the country those temperatures are positively balmy. I don’t want or need a real winter.

This Little Blue Heron is still hanging around the retention pond.

The RV park celebrated Halloween this afternoon into the evening. There were quite a few kids wandering around in costumes trick or treating. I was not a participant. The kids only stopped at sites with a “Trick or Treat Welcome” sign. In most cases those sites were also heavily decorated. While I was on my late afternoon walk I passed many of the costumed mob. The best costume was the pug with a pumpkin colored tutu. I don’t understand dressing up dogs, but this one sure stuck out from the kids in rags pretending to be zombies. It has been years since I’ve been in an area with a trick or treat celebration.

Between the football games and the NASCAR race I managed to grill a porkchop for dinner.

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