Lawnmower Wake Up Call

Monday November 1st 2021

November began with a sunny but cool morning. It was in the fifties around 7:30AM when I decided that more time in my warm bed was in order. The temperature peaked in the low seventies before the clouds started to move in from the southwest. A chance of rain is in the overnight forecast.

Clouds moving in over the Trout River.

My return to my warm bed came to an abrupt end around 9AM. Today is lawn mowing day at the RV park. I woke up to the sound of an approaching lawn mower. The sound got louder and louder until it sounded like it was right under my bed. It could have been. The head of my bed is in a slide out room that overhangs the lawn area at the side of my site. Checking later it was clear that the grass under my slide room had been mowed, so I guess you could say the lawn mower that woke me up was under my bed.

I didn’t have a very busy or blog entry worthy day. I stopped at the boat launch area on the Trout River to check up on the Canadian Geese and at Walmart for groceries. I really should have had something to eat before shopping. When I got home, I realized I purchased more snacks and deserts than I should consume before they get stale. Luckily, I also bought some slightly more nutritious items.

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