Cedar Point Hike

Saturday October 30th 2021

It was a cold start to the day. The inside temperature was in the low sixties this morning. A strong northwest wind kept the temperature in check all day. The high temperature was around seventy degrees.

A Little Blue Heron at the RV park this afternoon.

Around noon I got out of the park for a little adventure. Today’s exercise was a hike on the Cedar Point trail in the Timucuan Parks 7 Creeks Recreation Area. The area is made up of seven parks encompassing seven creeks. It is located between the RV park and the barrier island along the Atlantic Coast, about ten to fifteen miles away. The Cedar Point trail starts in the Cedar Point National Park Service managed area and travels into the Cedar Point Preserve managed my the city of Jacksonville. It is a nice wide well maintain trail suitable for walkers and bike riders. The Cedar Point Preserve side is also intended to accommodate horses. The trails pass through hardwood hammocks, pine forests and marsh lands.

There were a hand full of other hikers on the trails. I only explored a small portion of the trails and didn’t see a lot of wildlife. Only a few bird sounds in the trees broke the silence. When I crossed the bridge over the creek I was rewarded by the sight of an Egret. I probably only walked about three miles out and back, but it was an improvement over walking around the RV park. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be back to hike some of the other trails.

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