One Week Down

Friday October 29th 2021

The temperature was in the sixties when I dragged my sleepy body out of bed this morning. Outside there was a heavy cloud cover that slowed the warming process way down. The high temperature for the day was in the high sixties, but the temperature inside my RV home managed to get into the seventies without any artificial help. Very late in the day the clouds started to thin allowing the overnight temperature to drop into the low fifties. Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer.

Blossom of the day.

Today starts the beginning of my second week here. I have gotten very few of the things I planned for my stay started. For the last month I have been developing a list of things to accomplish during my five week stay. I need to get cracking. What I have accomplished is getting re-acclimated to the eastern time zone. Basically that means I know what time to watch the TV for specific programs and I’m not surprised when it is time for sunset.

The RV park is getting ready for the “big” weekend. Saturday is the Florida Georgia football game in Jacksonville and Sunday is Halloween. A food truck and football themed lawn games were this evenings attraction from 4-8PM. Tomorrow there aren’t any events scheduled so people can watch the game on TV at their sites. Sunday has a Halloween Costume contest, a best site decoration contest and trick or treating for kids between 4 and 8PM. It has been a few years since I’ve was in an RV park that celebrated Halloween. I’m not prepared or particularly interested in participating in any of the activities. Luckily, I don’t have to hand out candy. They have an opt in system. You need to get a sign from the office to hang at your site that says “trick or treat” to attract trick or treaters.

Among today’s selection of planes passing over was this turbo prop. Most of them have been replaced by small regional jets.

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