The Weather Threatened But …

Thursday October 28th 2021

The weather forecast on the 11PM news last night was trying very hard to put fear in the hearts of viewers. They were calling for severe storms with the possibility of tornadoes all day today. About 7AM this morning it started to rain. When I turned on the TV the weather talkers announced that a tornado watch was in place over most of Florida and southern Georgia until 5PM in the evening. The weather radar showed a lot of threatening rain approaching from the west.

Lots of standing water around my site.

In this area it rained at a steady pace until the noon hour. The updated TV weather report was focusing on the area to the south of Jacksonville, while calling for more rain in the entire area. The Jacksonville airport, located less than a mile from my RV home, reported an inch and a half of rain during the morning rain. The severe weather never arrived and the tornado watch may have been lifted early for the area north of Jacksonville. The area south of Jacksonville on a line toward Tampa on the west coast of Florida seemed to get stronger storms, but no reported tornadoes.

As I’ve written about in this blog before, I am much more weather aware in this lifestyle. You can’t miss the sound of rain on the roof. Even a light rain sounds dramatic and you need to crank the volume on the TV, radio or whatever. A little wind also gets your attention. It can catch the awnings over the side out rooms and start them flapping loudly. Even the absence of sun is very noticeable with all the windows in my RV home.

After the sound of rain on my roof was over by about an hour and it looked like the sun was making an attempt to break through the clouds, I ventured out for some exercise. I got a few hundred yards away from my RV home when it decided to rain again. Lucky for me it didn’t last more than a minute or two. Similar very brief rain showers continued for the rest of the day. The latest forecast calls for similar hit and miss showers to continue through tomorrow.

At least the birds like the wet grass.

Most of my day was spent reading, watching the weather out the window and on the TV reports, and surfing the internet. The only real downside to staying inside is that the refrigerator is never more than ten feet away. Keeping from continuous snaking is a big challenge.

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