A Slow Day for Chores and Maintenance Tasks

Wednesday October 27th 2021

It was in the sixties when I tried to get out of bed this morning. The slightly chilly air drove me back under the covers for more of the morning news program on TV. Once I got up, I found a nice sunny day that eventually warmed into the upper seventies before the clouds moved in late in the day. The TV weather talkers are in scare the masses mode about tomorrow’s weather. A cold front is approaching that included severe thunderstorms and tornadoes today in Texas and Louisiana. They are predicting a “slight” chance of similar weather here tomorrow.

Pretty and it serves a function too.

My slow start to the day rippled throughout the day. It ended up being a day focused on chores and maintenance tasks around my RV home. I managed to get in a couple of walks around the RV park too. When I returned from the first walk, I was just in time to prevent the Amazon delivery guy from leaving me a package I hadn’t ordered. Delivery people bring products right to your door at this park, but the site numbering system and package labeling don’t always get along. In this case there was a different number on the label that represented the indented location. There is a big difference between site 23 and site 651. With all the delivery trucks I see going by, I’ll bet it happens a lot.

There is more turn over in this park than I thought. The location of my site provides a good view of about two thirds of the arrivals, but less than half of the departures. Walking around the park I see a few empty sites every day, but they aren’t the same ones. I’m still certain that most of the residents are here longer than a few days, but maybe the location along Interstate 95 draws in more short term guests than I thought. It will be interesting to see if this weekend’s big Florida Georgia football game in Jacksonville draws fans from Georgia to the RV park.

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