Back on Course Traveling East

Friday October 15th 2021

It rain steadily for about five hours last night. When I got up this morning there were many big puddles and the grass was a soggy mess. Last nights storm was a very slow moving line of storms moving southwest to northeast. This morning the line of storms was to the east with another west to east line of storms due late in the day.

I completed my travel preparations at a steady pace. In was about 10:30AM when I pulled out of the Sam’s Town Casino RV park heading east. The journey came in three parts. The first third was on dry roads with the sun attempting to break through the clouds. During the second part I caught up with the storms from last night. It was difficult driving in the limited visibility caused by the rain. For the last third of my travel day I was in the area where the storm hadn’t arrived. Blue sky with big white fluffy clouds was a welcome sight.

Site 68 at the Heritage Acres RV park. The clouds in the background are the leading edge of the approaching rain.

It was about 1:30PM when I arrived at the Heritage Acres RV Park in Tuscumbia Alabama. This is the same park I stayed at for a week or so at the end of September. I was able to setup in dry, warm and humid conditions. About an hour and a half later the rain caught up again. It has been raining off and on ever since. The main line of the cold front is still to come. It produced a tornado warning in the area I departed this morning. In this area a severe thunderstorm watch is in place until midnight. The high temperature tomorrow is forecast to be in the mid sixties.

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