Last Day in Mississippi

Thursday October 14th 2021

Today was my last full day in Mississippi. Tomorrow I resume my travels to the east. Sam’s Town Casino RV park provided a good place to wait out the week of low campsite availability along my travel route. There isn’t a lot to do in the immediate area if you aren’t into gambling at one of the hand full of casinos, but the RV park is nice and it is reasonably priced.

Tomorrow I’m traveling east 165 miles to the Mussel Shores Alabama area. I’ll be staying at the same place I stopped at more than two weeks ago. Once I get there, I will have recovered most of the 200 mile detour I took to find a place for this past week. The original plan to stay in the Chattanooga Tennessee area for a week has been abandoned. On Sunday I have a long travel day planned to get back on track. The goal is to get through the Atlanta Georgia area on the slow Sunday traffic day. The plan is to travel between 300 and 360 miles to Forsyth Georgia south of Atlanta. The large variation in distance is driven by the route I take. I’ve traveled the roads on the long route, but not the roads on the shorter path. A little more research is in order before I commit to the shorter route.

Tiny wildflowers of the day.

After two nights in Forsyth I’ll travel down Interstate 75 to Florida. I’ll stay just over the state line for three nights before moving east to Jacksonville Florida. I have a travel breather booked starting Friday the 22nd. I’ll be in one place for thirty seven nights before moving again.

My last two travel legs getting to Jacksonville are more manageable distances. The first leg is 185 miles and the last is 115 miles. Two hundred miles is my target distance when looking for my next stop. When I need to cover distance, longer travel days are possible. Crossing Texas, for instance, I routinely have at least one close to four hundred mile travel day. That is about my max for safety as a solo traveler behind the wheel. After a long travel day I try to stop for at least two nights to recover.

It was a cloudy day from sunrise to sunset. I was not able to continue my pictures of the growing moon. The rain due tomorrow will probably not allow a picture tomorrow either. Maybe I can get another one on Saturday evening.

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