A Relaxing Day Between Travel Days

Saturday October 16th 2021

The cold front passed through this area just before midnight without any real dramatic weather. There was heavy rain for about an hour, but no severe winds or other dangerous weather elements. On the back side of the front today’s weather has been very fall like. The high temperature for the day was in the low sixties and there was a very strong north wind under a bright blue sky. Unlike the wind earlier in the week this time I was oriented in a better direction and location. The wind was mostly blocked by my neighbors trailer.

A little bit of color remains on some of the bushes.

I didn’t do much today. It was a day for relaxing between two travel days. I watched college football and the baseball postseason game between the Redsox and the Astros. It was nice to see the Redsox tie the series at a game apiece. After last nights contest, I thought they would go down in four straight games.

The RV park is full this weekend. There are also a lot more kids around than there were during my last stay. It probably is because this is the end of the fall school break week in this area. I can see the playground from my RV home. It has been very busy all day. The trailer beside me has three or four little kids and a least three adults. Their site is overflowing with three vehicles in addition to the fifth wheel trailer. The inside must be just as packed with seven plus occupants.

The view of the moon has really increased after two nights of cloud cover hiding the growing ball of reflected light.

I’m moving on in the morning as I put on miles to catch up with my fall and winter plans. I’ve chosen a route for tomorrow that is about 320 miles. It is a compromise between the roads I know along a longer path and the secondary roads I don’t know along the shortest path. I will square out a couple of corners using the interstate highway system. My plan is to get an early start so I don’t arrive too late at my destination. I lose an hour when I enter Georgia in the Eastern time zone.

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