A Slow Day with a Few Chores

Wednesday October 13th 2021

Today’s weather was a nice, but windy day. There is another storm front approaching from the west. The harbinger of the bad weather is the strong wind out of the south. The front is due in this area tomorrow night into Friday. Even with the wind it was a nice day with a high temperature in the low to mid eighties.

This was a stay at home day. It was about fifty fifty chores and relaxing. On the chores side of things I locked in my reservations for my next week of travel. I now have every night from now through the middle of April next year booked. The majority of the nights are even by necessity paid for.

Tonight’s sunset.

Getting reservations in Florida during the winter takes early planning and flexibility. Reservations at the state parks open eleven months out and many fill up in the first few seconds of the reservation window. The federal parks behave similarly on a six month reservation window. Sites in commercial parks in popular areas often never get to the open market. They are swallowed up by returning visitors year after year. Commercial parks away from the coast and the theme parks don’t fill up as quickly. Last year there was a little more availability because the Canadian US boarder was closed. The US government announced today that the boarder for Canadians to enter the US by land is opening next month, so I would imagine the large number of Canadian Snowbirds will be back.

The moon is getting a little bigger each night.

I took two walks around the RV park and over to the casino today. It is good exercise, but not very scenic. I think I’ve exhausted the good photo opportunities. The pictures in this blog entry were taken at sunset, almost as pictures of last resort.

2 thoughts on “A Slow Day with a Few Chores

    • Thanks! In this case the “secret” is not waiting for real darkness. The camera’s auto functions can’t deal with the single bright object in the middle of black. When I try to manually adjust the aperture it becomes much more complicated for a quick snapshot.


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