A Noisy Start to a Restful Day

Tuesday October 12th 2021

The temperature reached the low eighties again today. This high temperature is considered high for this area in the middle of October. The low to mid seventies is the average high. The remainder of my stay here the temperature is forecast above normal. Another front is due on Friday which is my travel day. This area may have high temperatures in the sixties this weekend. Who knows what I’ll see back in northern Alabama.

Blossom of the Day

My day began early again this morning. It wasn’t the wind that woke me like Monday, but rather the departure noise of some of my neighbors. The people from the trailer in for the night at the site next door were particularly noisy starting around 7AM. Between the clutch on the electric drill they used to raise and lower their jacks to the sound of the “gentleman” yelling at his dogs to be quiet it was a rather rude start to the day. The dog noise didn’t bother me, but his shouting sure did.

This RV park has a much higher level of activity this month than it did in late July and August. Many nights during my summer stay there were only four or five sites in use. This month there seems to be around twenty every night and the weekend was even busier. The other difference is where they are from. During my summer stays the RVs were mostly from nearby states. This time many of the RVs are from more distant states. Over the weekend one of my neighbors was from New York and another was from Wisconsin.

The sliver of moon is a little bigger tonight than last night.

Other than a drive around the area, today was pretty much a day of rest. I did some reading, a little bit of internet research and some TV watching. My drive was in search of the cotton harvest. I wanted to get a picture of the massive machines used in the harvest, but unfortunately I didn’t look in the right places. Maybe tomorrow will be more successful. The roads in this area are easy to drive around on. Most of the roads are multiple lanes and many are divided highways. All of the infrastructure seems to have been built to support the casino industry. The community really had high hopes of turning the area into an entertainment destination to rival Las Vegas. It has been in decline since the development of all of the local and Native American casinos around the country. The 2008 rescission and Mississippi River Floods of 2011 really slowed everything down.

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