Monday October 11th 2021

Today’s weather forecast called for rain as a cold front passed through the area. The really severe weather along the front was forecast to be well north of here. Instead of waking to rain, I woke up to the sound of wind. The orientation of my RV home to the wind direction was just right for noise. The wind direction caught both of the slide out room toppers end on. They billow with each gust and noisily clatter as the ratchets return the awning taught. The wind was reported at fifteen miles per hour constant with gusts in this area up to forty. It continued until mid afternoon.

This area did not get any significant rain. A few rain drops may have accompanied some of the wind gusts, but not enough to wet the ground. I drove through a couple of very heavy downpours to the east of my RV home while I was out on a grocery run. Visibility was bad and road conditions were hazardous. By mid afternoon the wind let up and the cloudy sky gave way to bright sun for the last couple of hours of daylight. At sunset there weren’t any big clouds to reflect the light of the setting sun. The real trouble with the cold front was well to the north in the Indiana and Illinois area. There are tornadoes in that area.

There is a Piggly Wiggly grocery store a few miles south of here, but grocery stores of any size are about 30 miles away in the town of Hernando Mississippi. I found a Kroger and a Walmart. The Walmart wasn’t the biggest or the best I’ve been in, but the familiarity of products and layout made it my choice. The shelves were well stocked and additional items were located in the bigger aisles. This made it difficult to navigate. It was easier to park my shopping cart at the end of an aisle and wander up and down a couple of aisles picking up the things I needed. The good news was at the checkouts. They had plenty of live people staffing the registers.

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