Sunday October 10th 2021

Yesterday’s high thin cloud cover was gone today. The sky was clear blue all day. A regular breeze out of the south kept the mid to upper eighties temperature from being oppressive. Overall there was nothing about the weather to complain about.

One of many cotton fields in the area.

I am not very good at identifying what is planted in the fields I pass by on my travels. Last summer, when I was in this area, I saw acres and acres of green fields planted with a low bush plant. I didn’t know if it was soybean or cotton. This fall it is obvious. The fields in this area are all covered with dying plants filled with white puffy balls. The primary crop in this area is cotton and it is harvest time.

Bales of cotton at the side of a harvested field.

While I was out driving around this afternoon, I passed cotton fields that had already been harvested. There were huge cylindrical bales of harvested cotton at the ends of the empty field. In one area, a long way from the road across unharvested fields, I could see huge pieces of farm equipment crossing the fields harvesting the cotton. The big cylindrical bales are dumped out the back as they fill up. I wonder how much of the processing is taking place in the machine as it is harvested.

On my drive I found the area a little more active than this summer. The weather is a little more amenable to outdoor activity. There are several golf courses in the area that probably serve to augment the draw of the casinos. Judging mostly by the number of cars in the parking lots, the casinos are fairly busy. I was in the Sam’s Town Casino last night. It had a lot more activity going on than it did during my summer visit.

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