Settling In

Saturday October 9th 2021

Today was a warm fall day with high thin clouds that kept it from getting real hot. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties which the TV weather talkers say is about ten degrees warmer than normal for the area. I found it very comfortable particularly when compared to the last two times I was here. At the end of July and the end of August, the temperature was pushing records in the upper nineties and low hundreds. Above average temperatures must come with my arrival in this area.

This lone element of color was a left over from another season.

I got caught up on my sleep this morning. Since yesterday was a travel day, I was up early. It was nice be able to sleep in this morning. After a relaxing slow breakfast and a long hot shower, I slowly got the day started. My first task was completing my setup tasks. Primarily this means taking the bicycle and towing equipment off the car. I prefer to tour the area without advertising that I’m a tourist.

The differences around the RV park and casino from my summer visits are notable. Most significantly, there are more people around. The RV park has more occupied sites and the number of cars in the casino parking lot is substantially greater. That may be because of the season, but my next couple of observations are definitely caused by the season. There are not as many flowers or bright colored plants around. I found one “leftover” Impatience plant and a few little purple wildflowers in the grass. The other seasonal observation was the location of sunset. It was significantly more to the south than six to ten weeks ago.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably explore beyond the RV park. During the summer I commented on the lack of things to do and see in the area. It will be interesting to see if things are any different in the fall.


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