Rainy Day Football Watching

Sunday October 3rd 2021

It was a rainy day. About 4AM this morning I woke to the sound of rain on the roof of my RV home. After a brief check to close windows, I went back to sleep. It was still rainy lightly when I woke around 8AM and it continued most of the morning. During the afternoon there were periods without rain, but the sun never made an appearance.

Bird picture (heavily magnified) of the day.

The weather was a perfect excuse for spending the day in front of the TV watching NFL football. As I’m writing this blog entry, I’m watching my third full game of the day. The early games were interrupted by two different walks around the RV park, but tonight’s Buccaneers vs. Patriots game is getting more of my attention. The return of Tom Brady to Foxborough is an event not to be missed. The coverage is also over the top with prepared tribute pieces aired before the game. The Patriots are my team based on the location of my birth and where I lived most of my life, so I won’t root against them. Still I was happy to see Tom Brady lead the Bucs to the Super Bowl victory last year and would like to see the aging veteran continue to do well. Tonight I expect Tampa will prove to be the better team.

The campground didn’t empty out as much today as I expected. About a third of the sites emptied out. Many of the rest seem to be occupied by people that leave their rig on the site during the week while they return home for work and school. Late this afternoon many of the RVs were empty. It is very quiet tonight without a lot of outdoor activity.

While I have been writing this blog entry and watching the game on TV, the over the air television signal went away. I’ve experienced a similar issue other evenings in this area. I’m not sure if the broadcaster is dropping the signal strength to a level that I can’t receive or if I have some internal issues in my RV home. The bottom line is I can’t watch the game right now. I’ll have to switch to watching something on satellite TV.

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