An Overcast Day is Better than a Rainy Day

Saturday October 2nd 2021

I woke this morning to an overcast day and it went downhill from there. Rain is in the forecast for Sunday and Monday, but it got here a little early. A few light showers were added to the overcast this afternoon. Today’s temperature peaked in the mid seventies. Overall it was an OK day.

View of the Tennessee River on an overcast day.

Today followed the usual first day at a new location pattern. I got the rest of the setup tasks complete for my week long stay and got familiar with the campground. The campground looks like it was developed by the Army Corp of Engineers or probably the Tennessee Valley Authority given the location. The layout of the sites and other recreation areas along with the poured concrete picnic tables are some of the signs. It’s possible that it was developed by a private company to similar specs, but more likely was leased or sold to a private concern after it was built with public funds. There are signs that it was upgraded in recent years. New power, water and a few sewer utilities are on most of the sites. Some sites have been removed and the area replanted, but the old electric utility boxes are still there. They probably added new sites to other areas of the park, but needed to keep the total number of sites constant. The result is an interesting mix of an old style campground, modern campground amenities and a family oriented clientele.

Zoomed and cropped image of a Great Egret on a distant river bank.

The campground is located about four miles from the nearest major road on the south bank of the Tennessee River. This section of the waterway is know as Wheeler Lake. The Wheeler Dam, Lock and Hydro electric facility is down river a few miles. The view in most directions from the campground is of water and green tree lined banks. The one exception is on the north bank of the river. The industrial looking area is actually the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant. An interesting neighbor for a campground.

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