A Nice Day Between the Rainy Days

Monday October 4th 2021

Today began overcast and a little foggy. The sun burnt through the gloom by midday. The general result was a nice warm fall day. Unfortunately, the rain returns tomorrow, Wednesday and probably Thursday. The TV weather talkers are calling for two or more inches of rain over the next few days.

Ducks, ducks and more ducks.

My activity level today reflected the weather conditions. While it was overcast outside, I was dragging out my breakfast and watching the morning TV shows. As the sun broke through the clouds, I got outside to explore more of the campground and the shores of the Tennessee River.

This seems to be an attractive fishing area. Everyday I’ve seen several fishermen actively fishing from boats toward the shore around the campground. There also seems to be a lot of action with fish breaking the surface of the water. Some are feeding on surface insects, but other times the water boils with fish responding to a probable predator fish below. On every walk around along the shore I see some evidence of fish in the water.

Single fisherman on the calm water.

I’ve been carrying fishing gear in the basement storage of my RV home since I got on the road. It has not seen the light of day since I stored it. At locations like this I think about getting a fishing license and dropping a line in the water. Perhaps if I was here longer I would. Most of the places I stay for longer periods of time don’t have attractive fishing nearby.

Blossom of the day along with an insect visitor.

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