A Fifty Mile Travel Day

Friday October 1st 2021

Where did September go? The sun was back for the first day of October. It was a little more humid than I’d like for a travel day. Getting ready for travel and setting up at the other end of my travel were a sweaty mess even though the temperature only got into the low eighties.

I didn’t get as many of the inside travel preparations ready yesterday. This morning I had a few extra inside tasks to accomplish, but I didn’t need to leave until noon. As it happened I got on the road at 11:30. With less than fifty miles to my next stop, I arrived around 12:30. They didn’t really like my early arrival. The first thing I was asked was “Did you request early check in?”. There published check in time is 3PM. Early check in costs an extra ten dollars. I was entertained by a whole bunch of “reasons” why they charge for early check in. The real reason is because they can. Going somewhere else for two hours or my entire stay isn’t a good option. I really think the lady checking me in didn’t like charging the fee either.

Ten extra dollars poorer I arrived at my campsite for the next week. I found a back in site with a couple of trees in bad positions. Backing in was a challenge exacerbated by my rear view camera acting up again. A neighbor walking his dog stopped and help spot me as I backed in. Overall it took a little longer than normal, but was not that hard.

Site 7 at the Decatur Wheeler Lake KOA.

The campground was quiet and not very full until 3PM. Shortly after the prescribed check in time a steady stream of weekend campers started to arrive. The campground is on a lake formed by a dam on the Tennessee River. Many of the campers arrived with boats. It looks like it is going to be a bit of a party park this weekend.

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