Sleepy Monday

Monday September 13th 2021

Today was a little cloudier version of Sunday. It may have been more humid, but once the level reaches uncomfortable a few ticks on the scale doesn’t make much of a difference. The high eighties temperature with the humidity made it feel like the mid nineties. The forecast for later in the week is the real concern. The remnants of the latest tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico should be passing through the area. I’m on high ground so lots of rain should be an issue and the wind should be manageable this far inland on the current track.

Wildflowers of the day.

The lack of regular TV had a new impact on today’s activities. As I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, the absence of having the TV on constantly, even when I’m not watching, is the sense of time it provides. The music radio station I have on in its place is very constant. It provides no hourly break to keep me aware of the passage of time. That little feature came into play last night. I was still sitting on the couch reading after 2AM. Thus began the downward spiral. I got up late this morning and was tired all day.

The campground continued to empty out from the weekend this morning. I thought the park was empty late yesterday afternoon. This afternoon on one of my walks I counted twelve occupied sites out of 140. This evening a few more campers arrived so it is a little more occupied. It continues to be a nice quiet park mid week. Now if the people remaining could just turn off a few lights I’d be even happier.

Last night (early morning) just before I finally went to bed, I took the opportunity to step outside to check out the stars in the sky. It wasn’t nearly as dark as I expected. Many of the few campers that remained had all of their outside lights on. I understand the need to have lights for outdoor living areas, but why do they have to be left on all night. Is it some form of security, forgetfulness or something else. To me one of the advantages of coming to a campground in the middle of the woods is the escape from the lights and activity of civilization.


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