Quiet Returns

Sunday September 12th 2021

The humidity has returned to dominate the weather. The sky is filled with a high thin cloud cover, but the sun still managed to warm things up into the upper eighties. Most of the day the wind was very mild. Overall it wasn’t the most comfortable day weather wise.

Tonight’s sunset.

The checkout time at this campground is 3PM. People took advantage of the late hour and didn’t all rush out of here in the morning. There was a steady rate of departure with a few even waiting until 3PM before departing. Late this afternoon the vast majority of the 140 sites were empty. The campground went from an active noisy place to a quiet tranquil one. Outside the only sounds are the insects in the trees. I can get used to this.

Mostly empty campground.

My day was focused on catching up on chores around the RV between a couple of walks around the park. Doing the laundry is one task that will not get accomplished while I’m here. One of the casualties of the pandemic at this park is the laundry. They have closed the building. The inconsistency of COVID responses is amazing. I understand the rules come from the local county health departments since other Army Corp of Engineers campgrounds in the same management district (Mobile) have the laundries open. I’ll survive without doing the laundry for another week or two. It just strikes me as odd how the rules are different.

Another sunset picture.

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