Some Pictures and a Discussion on the Weather

Tuesday September 14th 2021

The day began cloudy and got worse from there. In the morning the clouds were thin enough that the sun could cast a decent shadow. During the early afternoon many billowing dark clouds appeared. To the south of my RV home those clouds contained focused intense rain. Driving through one, I had to crank the wipers to full speed for a couple of minutes before it was over. Back at camp the storms didn’t arrive until shortly after dark, but most of the afternoon ominous rumblings of thunder were all around the area. With all of the clouds and rain threat the temperature peaked around eighty.

Cloudy Dull Day.

This weather was forecast before tropical system Nicholas was project to impact his area, so I’m guessing it isn’t directly related to the storm. Nicholas is currently headed in this general direction. The Mississippi coast may get six inches or more of rain. Here in the Tennessee, Alabama corner of Mississippi they are currently calling for a forty to sixty percent chance of rain Wednesday into Thursday morning. The total accumulation of rain from the scattered storms is anticipated to be less an inch or two. Other than keeping me inside during the rain, it shouldn’t have a big impact on me. My campsite is on high ground with good drainage. The trees overhead do not appear to be very threatening either.

Staged picture of pine cones.

The campground seems even emptier today. Whole sections of the campground are empty. One group of sites on a point of land jutting into the Lake makes up for the empty areas. There are eight trailers camped on those sites. I think they are all part of the same extended family or group. They came in together last night. Judging by what the campground looked like last Thursday when I arrived, things will probably start to fill up some Thursday with many more people arriving for the weekend on Friday. I’ll be here until Sunday, so I can prove or disprove my hypothesis.

3 thoughts on “Some Pictures and a Discussion on the Weather

  1. There’s a handful of bloggers that I follow here on WordPress, one being yours. I strolled through your posts to see if you had written a back story on your traveling journey but I don’t see anything. Did you just decide one day to buy an rv and travel, is this more of a long term thing? Just wondering 😁. I really enjoy your posts. I don’t travel at all because I have panic attacks. So when I find a blog like yours it helps me to picture what its like out there. Lol.


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