An Active Campground

Saturday September 11th 2021

I woke this morning to find high thin clouds filtering the sun. It was an indicator of the higher humidity level. The day was still a nice September day. The temperature started in the sixties and peaked in the mid eighties. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little warmer.

A sign that fall is coming.

The campground is full of families and extended families doing there best to enjoy the weekend. I am surrounded by hyper activity. People launched boats most of the morning and retrieved them most of the afternoon. While on the lake they were skiing, tubing, fishing and generally speeding around. Land based recreation included bicycle riding, scooter riding, pickup basketball games and general running around. Those that weren’t active were gathering at campsites to share meals.

I am not used to so much activity around. The last few weekend family campgrounds I’ve stayed at haven’t been this active. This campground has the level of activity associated with a pent up need to get outside like you might experience after a long winter. I get the impression this is normal behavior at this park during the good weather. My problem is there is no place to walk that I don’t feel like I’m invading some families party. All of the communal water access areas like the fishing piers or boat launch had family groups gathering. I will say when you get near these groups you can overhear some wild conversations. To paraphrase one: Grandmother to ten year old boy. “Your aunt is at Walmart. What do you want for your birthday?” The boy replied; “I don’t know. Have her take some pictures and I’ll decide.” Is that more of a commentary on the boy being spoiled or our society in general?

This pontoon boat was modified to add a second deck with a slide off the back end.

As I wrote in Thursday night’s blog entry, I don’t have any real TV here. My satellite is blocked by the trees and the only over the air TV signal is one PBS station that only comes in intermittently. As a substitute I have the radio playing most of the day. I’m not missing watching TV programs. It is the time checks that program changes create on the half hour that I’m missing. I have no real sense of time during the day. Every time I looked at the clock today I was surprised at either how late it was or how recently I last looked at the clock. With another week to go without TV, I may be time challenged a few more times.

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