Trying to get Oriented

Friday September 10th 2021

Once again the temperature was in the sixties overnight. It is nice to have good sleeping temperatures. The bright sunny sky brought the temperature up to the low eighties by mid afternoon. It was a nice weather day overall.

Looking northwest across Bay Springs Lake. I want it to be southeast.

I explored my surroundings in the campground today trying to get my bearings. The campground is on the west side of Bay Springs Lake, but the sun sets over the water. The reason for this confusion comes from the origin of the lake and the location of the campground. Bay Springs Lake is mostly man made. As the water filled the area it filled in all the low ground. The shoreline became very irregular with many fingers of land sticking out into the lake and along the shore. The campground is located on one of those fingers. Inside the campground there are three camping loops. The loops are on high ground separated by more lake. It is sort of like little fingers of land off the bigger finger. The loop I’m in has water on three sides. When you add to the irregular land formation the twisting turning road off of the main highway, it is very difficult to stay oriented. I really want south to be north and east to be west, but it isn’t going to happen.

The lake seems to be used for all forms of water recreation. I saw water skiing, kayaking, and jet ski racing in the course of a few minutes this afternoon. Judging by some of the boats there must be good fishing too. What I didn’t see were ducks or wading birds along the shore. The amount of wildlife I’ve seen so far is surprisingly limited. A couple of squirrels and a bird or two is about it.

The sun is setting to the right of the picture, so this must be a view south, maybe southwest.

The campground started to fill up for the weekend late this afternoon. RVs of all types and a few tent campers have been steadily arriving. Most of the sites in this campground are better suited to smaller RVs. Probably a third of the sites are also occupied by a boat or an empty boat trailer. The occupants of the sites along the water have their boats beached along the shore. I can see the boat launch from my site. There has been a steady line of people launching their boats as soon as their RV or tent is setup on their site. The weather forecast for the weekend should make for good boating.

These berries are the only color I could find in the plant life today.

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