Travel Day to Northeast Mississippi

Thursday September 9th 2021

It was a cool start to the day. The morning temperature was in the low sixties. It was the perfect temperature to finish packing for today’s move. The peak temperature was in the low eighties with low humidity.

Most of the RVs departing the RV park today were gone by the time I pulled out. People started departing around 7AM. I held out until about eleven before hitting the road. My first stop was the gas station to fill the tank. I put in about 55 gallons of gas. That was plenty to get me 150 miles into the middle of nowhere with plenty to spare for getting back to civilization for more fuel.

My destination for today’s travel was Piney Grove Campground on Bay Springs Lake along the Tennessee-Tombigee Waterway. I departed West Memphis in Arkansas, crossed the Mississippi River into Tennessee, circled around Memphis to the south and dropped into Mississippi for a drive across the northern part of the state. Mississippi had the best roads of the journey. Once again I was not impressed with Tennessee roads. Something about the way they build highways makes for very poor transitions on and off bridges. Of all the states I traveled through, I find Tennessee roads can get my RV home bouncing worse than any other.

I arrived at the Army Corp of Engineers campground a little after 2PM. Checkout time at this campground is 3PM. There was no one at the gate to check me in or to determine if my site was available. I called the indicated number only to hear the phone inside the guard building ring until I hung up. Eventually, one of the camp hosts came by and told me to go setup and come back later to register.

It was a bit of a challenge finding my site without a map. Luckily, I had reviewed a map online when I selected my site. I had some idea how to find the site. Then my challenges really began. First I found a place to unhook my car from the motorhome. The challenge was backing into the site off of an inclined road down into a narrow site with my rear view camera giving me a blue screen of a lost video connection. I had to stop and walk around my RV home several times before I got back into the site. The rear view camera decided to come on for the last ten feet just to prove it could.

Site 82 at the Piney Grove Campground on Bay Springs Lake in New Site Mississippi.

The campground is nice, but my site selection isn’t the best. I don’t really have a good satellite TV signal. The system was able to find and lock onto the satellite, but the signal strength through the trees provides very intermittent reception. I doubt there are any of the 140 sites that have good satellite reception. The tree cover is very thick. Over the air TV only provides one PBS channel. It isn’t a very reliable signal either. Cell phone service on Verizon is very weak and spotty. If this blog entry goes live on Thursday night, I had some luck getting a data connection. If it is day or more late, I had to drive to civilization to complete the post.

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