Finishing My Stay on the Banks of the Mississippi River

Wednesday September 8th 2021

Today was a cloudier version of Tuesday. It was a nice day humidity and temperature wise and the clouds broke by the end of the day. After a cool start in the sixties the high temperature for the day was in the low to mid eighties.

Great Egret of the far side of the pond behind my RV home.

This is my last full day at Tom Sawyer RV Park on the Mississippi River. It was filled with a lot of miscellaneous tasks. I got the laundry done in the free machines here at the park. Unlike yesterday when the machines were always busy, I had no competition for the machines today. The only negative was the time it took to complete the drying cycle. It was over an hour. I also managed to make a grocery run to stock up for my next stop.

Blossom of the day.

The Mississippi River continues to rise as the runoff from America’s Bread Basket fluctuates. The River level report indicates that the level has come up over ten feet during my stay. Along with the water level the rate of flow seems to increase. In the last couple of days lots of floating debris has been rushing past. When I arrived, there was a sandbar visible almost halfway across the river from the far shore. It is completely covered by water now. I tried to take a picture of the riverbank from roughly the sames spot every day. Here are the six pictures.

Tomorrow I’m moving about 150 miles to the east. I’ll be at an Army Corp of Engineers park on part of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway in northeastern Mississippi. The reviews indicate the cell reception is spotty and over the air television is limited to one PBS station. If I don’t have satellite reception I’ll be a little cutoff from the world. There is also the possibility that posting a blog entry may be delayed until I have Internet access.

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