Watching the River

Tuesday September 7th 2021

The temperature got down into the sixties again last night. It was a good sleeping temperature. I got up late at around 9AM to find my area of the campground almost empty. All of the overnight visitors and many of the people that were here when I arrived were all gone. Other areas of the RV park were still a little more populated. The vacancies were all filled by the end of the day.

Only one turtle on the log today.

Today was warmer than Monday, but the low humidity kept the day comfortable. The temperature peaked around ninety under an almost cloudless sky. The next couple of days have a similar forecast.

My mission for the day was the laundry. Someone else had the same idea. Every time I went over to the laundry facility it was in use. Unfortunately, I can’t see the laundry from my site. It is only a short walk, but the ideal solution would have been to watch for it to empty out. There are only two machines and the other patron must have done at least six loads. Once tonight’s campers arrived the competition for the two washers increased. I’ll try again tomorrow.

River boat American Countess approaching in the setting sun.

The river traffic along with the water level increased today. There were two or three barges passing every hour. Just before sunset the most interesting vessel of the day passed by going down river. The American Countess river boat went by. It didn’t look like it had any passengers, but they might have all been inside. I read that several river cruises had been canceled because of Hurricane Ida damage in the New Orleans area. Other cruises may have been canceled because of the COVID surge. The fall is prime season for Mississippi River cruising.

American Countess

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