A Touch of Fall

Monday September 6th 2021

Who said the weather doesn’t follow the calendar? Today is Labor Day, the unofficial start to fall and the temperature was in the sixties this morning. It is the first temperature I remember in the sixties since April or May. The humidity was low, and a wind from the north kept the bright sunny day in the eighties. This evening it was cool enough to consider adding a layer. It is forecast to get down into the sixties again tonight.

The mass departure from the campground after the holiday weekend started early. My neighbor was banging away at something around 7AM as he disconnected his fifth wheel trailer from the utilities and hooked it up to his truck. Doing it quietly wasn’t in his thought process. When he arrived on Friday he disconnected his truck from the trailer and pulled it forward into the road. He blocked two thirds of the road with the truck motor running for fifteen or twenty minutes while he leveled the trailer and hooked up the utilities. At least two other arriving RVs had to cross the grass in the campsites across the road to get by his truck. He was oblivious to it all while he setup and today he was oblivious to the noise he created while packing up. ,

It took my first walk of he day near the noon checkout time. The RV park was as empty as it has been since I arrived on Thursday. All of the departed RVs give me a little sense of abandonment even though I’m content to be here for another few days. The campground filled up again this afternoon. It is not full tonight.

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