The Sun Arrived at 5PM

Sunday September 5th 2021

The day began cloudy and dull. While I was having breakfast it started to rain. It wasn’t a heavy rain, but it was steady. The rain continued throughout the morning. The afternoon was back to cloudy and dull. Around 5PM the sun started to breakthrough the clouds. Before sunset most of the clouds had dissipated.

The clouds and rain set the moon for the day. I started reading right after breakfast and didn’t come up for air until it was time to think about eating again. I got out for a walk around 2PM and sensed that everyone in the park was in a similar relaxed state. Most everyone was inside their RVs. They weren’t away from the park. They weren’t walking around the park. They weren’t working around their RV or sitting outside watching for barges in the river. Everyone seemed to be hiding out in their RV. It was a lazy day.

With the arrival of the sun around 5PM, the residents of the park came to life. People were out walking. The dogs that had been cooped up all day with their people inside the RVs were out getting their exercise too. At the sites with a view of the river people were sitting outside.

Coincidentally the barge traffic on the river came to life with the arrival of the sun. Four different barges passed by the RV park in about half an hour. I only heard a couple go by all day until that time. Three of the barges were north bound and one smaller fuel barge was making its way down river. I took a collection of pictures of the barges as they passed.

The campground is not quite full tonight. More RVs departed this morning than Saturday and the number of new arrivals didn’t fill all the empty sites. The park is still closer to full than it was at anytime during my August stay.

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