Watching the River Rise

Saturday September 4th 2021

The day began overcast and ended mostly clear. In between the temperature managed to climb to around ninety degrees. A strong breeze out of the south kept the heat from feeling hot. It was a beautiful day.

Blossom of the day.

In yesterday’s blog entry I wrote about the low water level in the Mississippi River. On my walk today I noticed the water level is higher by a foot or two. The sand bar on the far bank is narrower and an old fuel tank that had floated down river onto the near bank was in the water today. Yesterday it was high and dry. The river level forecast for the Memphis area calls for increases every day this week. By the end of the week the level is forecast to be about six feet higher. It will still be more than twenty feet below flood stage.

The RV park was full last night. This morning many travelers departed, but by early afternoon RVs arrived to take their place. The park seems to be full tonight. Even the odd, less desirable, sites are full.

Another meeting of the same set of turtles.
Great Egret flying away from my attempt to take a picture.

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