Low Ambition Day

Sunday August 22nd 2021

The heat is back and the chance of heat relieving rain is down. The overnight temperature was in the upper seventies and today’s high was in the low nineties. I’ve been running the air conditioner to keep the inside comfortable.

The clouds in the sky were not as thick as the last few days.

With the AC on and the windows closed the noise from the outside world doesn’t filter into my RV home. It was after 9AM before I woke this morning. The trend for the day was set. It was a low energy, low ambition kind of day. I spent the majority of the day inside reading and watching TV. The only real interruption from the pattern was to prepare and eat food. My morning coffee was a two cup affair rather than the usual one and my main meal was a little more elaborate than normal. I grilled a thick pork chop for dinner and baked a package of brownies for desert.

My one act of ambition today. I prepared a thick pork chop for dinner.

The RV park has reverted from weekend mode to mid week mode. Most of the group of six RVs that were here for the weekend have departed. Two are still here keeping the party going for at least one more night. Late in the day more RVs arrived to fill in some of the empty sites. Most of the new arrivals didn’t unhook there tow vehicles or towed cars so they are probably here for one night.

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