A Productive Planning Day

Monday August 23rd 2021

The high temperature is back along with Excessive Heat warnings. Along with the high humidity the temperature peaked in the low nineties with very little wind. The construction activity across the road seemed to be suspended during the warmest part of the day. The noise started around 7AM and stopped around 11AM. Around 5:30 it the noise and activity at the construction site resumed for another two plus hours. Sunset seems to be the only thing that stopped the work.

Blossom of the day.

The most of the remainder of the weekend visitors to the RV park and resort departed today. Shortly after checkout time there were only four or five RVs left in the RV park. When I walked up around the hotel and casino, there were less than twenty cars in the parking lot near the hotel rooms. There were a few more cars in the lot nearest the casino. The numbers in both sections of the resort improved a little this evening.

Today, I got serious about travel planning. I needed to develop a plan for when I leave here on Wednesday and for the Labor Day weekend that is rapidly approaching. Ideally, I’d like to be in Tennessee near something to do. That “something to do” thing is the catch. Any place that addresses that criteria is full both of the up coming weekends. I identified an Army Corp of Engineers campground not far from here that has openings on the holiday weekend. It isn’t in my target area and it seems to be very isolated. Reviews report that it doesn’t have Verizon cell service and it doesn’t have Over the Air TV reception. Even so, it makes a good destination of last resort.

Thinking about Corp of Engineer parks turned my thinking out of the box. I decided to go west to the Little Rock AR area. I’ve stayed at a Corp of Engineer park on the Arkansas river a couple of times before and really enjoyed my stay. I was able to book a site for eight nights. This still leaves the labor day weekend as a problem, but I should be able to find a site in this area. My desire is to return to the Mississippi River at Tom Sawyer RV park, but they haven’t answered their phone yet. The bottom line is instead of traveling east, I’m going further west for a week.

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