Rain Bookends the Day

Saturday August 21st 2021

When you don’t have definitive hard plans for the day it is easy for Mother Nature to throw a monkey wrench or two into the mix. I thought today was going to be a warmer version of yesterday. Instead of being a cloudy humid day, the day began with a heavy rain shower. I had to scramble to get the overnight open windows closed and the AC turned on. A half hour or so earlier, when I first opened my eyes, the sun was shining in the bedroom window.

While the rain storm was pounding down on the roof of my RV home, I switched to more complicated breakfast plans. Instead of just coffee and toast, I mixed up a package of blueberry muffins. Long after the rain had stopped I was on my second cup of coffee and my fourth muffin. It wasn’t long before the AC stopped cycling and stayed on continuous. The sun replaced the rain and clouds to heat everything up.

It was afternoon before I stepped outside for the first time. The temperature was in the high eighties and the humidity could be cut with a knife. The redeeming factor was the strong breeze out of the south. It was brought a little cooling with the heat. My original “plan” for the day was a drive out to the east to checkout the area a little more. Blaming my late start to the day I changed plans. I just took my daily walk around the RV park and casino resort area.

Ever since I got back here I have been trying to decide if I want to go to the casino. The northeast corner of Mississippi, eastern Arkansas and southwestern Tennessee are a hot spot for the current Corona Virus surge. That is also the location most of the casino patrons originate from. I enjoy casinos for the people watching, entertainment and food. There aren’t enough people to do much watching and currently there isn’t any live entertainment. The dinning options are also very limited. That leaves putting money into a machine with a limited chance of having it last long enough to get any entertainment value. The risk reward equation doesn’t seem to come out with a positive value. It is easier to watch other people spend money in slot machines on YouTube videos.

Sunset before the next rain shower.

The confusing weather continued this evening. Just after the sunset a new heavy rain shower moved through the area. The rain managed to bookend the sunshine and humidity of the day.

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