What Happened to the Rain?

Friday August 20th 2021

The weather forecast for today was very similar to the last two days. The forecast called for scattered thunderstorms across the region all day. They got it wrong. The majority of the day had a heavy cloud cover that looked like it might rain at any minute, but no rain fell. Late in the day, near sunset, the sun even broke through in some areas. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties, but it was very humid all day. It wasn’t a day to complain about; just different.

Blossom of the day.

I slept with the air conditioner off and both bedroom windows open. There was a nice breeze that provided cross ventilation that kept the bedroom quiet without the noise of the AC unit. I woke to the sound of heavy equipment working at the construction site across the road from the RV park. The noise was expected, but the heavy humidity in the air was a surprise. The temperature was in the low to mid seventies, but just moving around produced a layer of sweat that could easily drip into puddles on the floor. It was even worse after my shower.

The atmosphere at the RV park has changed for the weekend. During the week the people who stay for a night or two remain inside their RVs most of the time. Yesterday six new RVs arrived that are camping together. They gather outside to socialize and interact. This morning they loaded their golf clubs into a couple of cars before heading out. Toward evening they got into the cars and headed out once again, probably to dinner. This behavior is much more common for weekend RVers. It is refreshing for the little bit of normal it represents.

I drove by three of the other casinos in the area. None of them seemed to have many more visitors than this one. If this is caused by the current pandemic surge in the area, then it’s a good thing that people are being cautious. I fear it is more of a change in the casino business and some of the remaining casinos will not be here much longer.

Setting sun reflecting off the clouds to the east. The west was completely cloud coverd.

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