A Quiet Saturday

Saturday August 14th 2021

Today was an overcast day with a lower high temperature than the days during the last week. The high temperature was in the mid eighties. The forecast threat of thunderstorms never materialized.

The casinos in the area seem to be a little busier this weekend than two weeks ago. The parking lot for Sam’s Town has more cars in it. When I walked over to the casino area there were people entering and leaving the casino. Last time I was here there was nobody going in and out. Judging by the traffic on the road the Hollywood Casino across the street was even more active. As I recall, it is a slightly bigger facility.

The RV park has a few more occupants for the weekend than it did Thursday night, but it is not very busy. There are about 15 rigs in the park. It is about a quarter full. The middle of the summer is not the best time of year to visit this area of the Mississippi Delta. You can only look at so many green cotton plants or fields of corn.

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