A Weather Pattern Change

Friday August 13th 2021

Nothing bad happened today despite it being Friday the Thirteenth. Instead, the weather pattern changed. The day began warm and sticky, but it changed as the day continued. Around 2PM the sound of thunder could be heard all around except maybe the south. The sky to the west, north and east was black with clouds along with an occasional lightening flash. It continued that way for a couple of hours before the storms seemed to take an interest in my immediate area. Around 4PM in became windy and some rain started to fall. Overall it was anticlimactic. It never rained hard and it was all over by 4:30PM. The sky to the north and west remained very dark for the rest of the daylight hours.

Blossom of the day.

I finally got to watch the local news this morning. I’ve been busy with other things the last few days. One of the stories I heard might be the reason for the difficulty I had finding a campsite for the weekend. This weekend is the annual celebration of Elvis Presley. His death occurred on August 16, in 1977. There are a lot of events in Memphis, particularly at his Graceland home. The event was seriously cut back last year, so it is attracting additional attention this year. It’s not something that I’m interested in attending.

Today was a slow day. It was an inside air conditioning supported day. I spent most of my time reading, watching TV and wandering through topics on the Internet. Most of my days here are likely to be similar. There are not a lot of things I’m interested in doing in this area. One good reason to stay here is that I’m west of the projected path of the latest tropical system heading north along the Florida west coast.

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