Another Quiet Weekend Day

Sunday August 15th 2021

It was another overcast day. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties, but without the bright sun the inside of my RV home didn’t heat up. With the windows open to catch the moderate breeze, it wasn’t necessary to run the air conditioning. The quiet is better than dealing with a little warmth.

My plan for the day was to spend a quiet Sunday and for the most part it was. A guy in one of the other RVs in the park did his best to disrupt the quiet. He doesn’t seem to want to follow the rules by keeping his dogs tied up. His two medium to large dogs are allowed to wander free. For the most part they stay close to his site, but every now and then they wander off. This is followed by their person yelling at the top of his lungs for the dogs to return. It seems to take a couple of hollers before the dogs get the idea and return. The firsts occurrence at about 7AM woke me up. The hollering continued every few hours throughout the day.

I took two walks around the resort for exercise. The casino seemed to be a little busier today than Saturday. Not all the restaurants are open and they aren’t running any special events or contests, so I suspect only the die hard gamblers are visiting right now.

In addition to reading and watching TV I did a little re-arranging of the stuff in one of my basement storage bins. I should throw stuff away to reduce weight and clutter, but all I did today was change the way the stuff is packed in the bin. The other less than pure relaxation activity was grilling a thick pork chop for dinner. I combined it with some rice and a vegetable for a nice Sunday meal.

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