Busy Day in the Heat

Tuesday August 10th 2021

It was another hot day today. The temperature peaked in the upper nighties. When combined with the humidity the heat index was around 107 degrees. The normal high temperature in the Memphis area this time of year is closer to ninety. The difference is enough to get the TV weather talkers excited.

The meteorologists on TV believe they have an obligation to inform the public so no one gets adversely impacted by the heat. The result, particularly with people like me that aren’t familiar with the local weather, is a higher level of caution at best to a real fear at the extreme. I’ve been in lots of areas of the country with higher daily temperatures and higher humidity. It all comes down to context. Activity in areas without shade is not particularly safe even with the nice breeze we had today.

I had a busy day today. My first stop was to get some tools and supplies to work on my RV coach battery issue. The second stop was for groceries. Once again my refrigerator and pantry were getting a little empty. The Walmart was the source for food and another battery service supply. I was surprised that the majority of customers at Walmart were back to wearing masks. The store wasn’t too busy, which is good since it was also getting rearrange. There were large sections of empty area and many shelves were empty.

Fake Flower Blossom of the day.

This campground is very much an overnight stop. It was close to full last night and empty by noon today. My site is across from the office so I watched tonight’s guests arrive as the afternoon and evening went by. I don’t think it is as full tonight.

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