Coach Battery Replacement

Wednesday August 11th 2021

The heatwave continues in the Memphis area. The TV weather talkers continue to warn about a heat index around 107 degrees. As long as you stay out of the direct sun it really doesn’t seem that bad. The forecast calls for the system to break on Friday.

Blossom of the day.

Today’s task was replacing the starting battery in my RV home. Yesterday I got some supplies and verified that it wasn’t just loose connections. This morning while the sun was shining on the other side of the rig, I got the old battery disconnected and out of the motorhome. A trip into West Memphis to the Advanced Auto Parts store resulted in a new Diehard battery. I waited until near 6PM this evening for the sun to get low enough in the sky placing the front of the motorhome in the shade once more before completing the replacement. Everything seems to be OK. I was able to start the motorhome after replacing the battery. I still have concerns associated with the strange way things worked and didn’t work on Monday. It is always possible that the real problem is in the charging circuit or one of the many relays isolating the coach from the chassis batteries. I am likely to be very nervous as I pack up and move on tomorrow.

Replacement Battery.

I continue to be befuddled by the occupancy or lack thereof at campgrounds. This park was just about full Monday night. Last night there were slightly fewer. Tonight it looks like there are even less. My impression is tomorrow night will be full or close to it. When I booked my stay Thursday night was not available in my size site. Most of the guests are travelers either going north south on Interstate 55 or east west on Interstate 40. Each night there have been several Texas and Louisiana RVs, but I have also seen California, Florida, Oregon, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Virginia RVs. The two or three RVs that have been here all three nights are from Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi. The local states.

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