A Very Short Travel Day

Monday August 9th 2021

The temperature is back in the upper nineties with humidity. A strong south breeze kept things manageable most of the day. The heat index was around 107 degrees.

One last little tug pushing a few barges north in the Mississippi River.

Today was a short moving day. I tried to time things so I left at the noon checkout, but I ended up pulling out about twenty minutes before that event. I paused in root to my new location at the Arkansas welcome center on the interstate to kill time. I checked into my new location about twenty miles away at 1PM.

The day wasn’t without a challenge. The 12volt RV chassis battery didn’t want to start the motorhome this morning. I found a loose connection at the battery that after a little work I got the motorhome running. I didn’t turn the vehicle off until I was on my site at my destination. It turned itself off when I tried to lower the leveling jacks. That took more work to get everything setup. Tomorrow I’ll work on it some more and probably buy a new battery. If that doesn’t work I’ll have to get the motorhome and a mechanic together on Wednesday.

Site 50 at the Memphi

I am at the Memphis KOA in Marion Arkansas until Thursday. I’ve been at the park twice before including last year about this time of year. The memorable milestone is the kids in the area starting back to school this morning.

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