Travel Day to West Memphis Arkansas

Monday August 2nd 2021

This morning in Tunica MS it was hazy sunshine with a high in the low eighties. When I arrived in West Memphis Arkansas it was a bright sunny day with the temperature in the mid eighties. This evening fog seems to be moving in from the river.

I got on the road right at the noon checkout. With only forty miles to travel I didn’t need an early start. My only task other than driving was getting some gas in the fuel tank. It was a little below a quarter which is much lower than I usually allow the tank to get. The forty travel miles would consume less than half the remaining fuel which put me into Goldielocks mode. The first station was too busy, the second had poor access, the next was more expensive. I drove by stations all the way up to Memphis. I watched the gauge and reran my fuel calculation in my head all the way.

Site 81 at the Tom Sawyer RV park in West Memphis AR.

Getting across the Mississippi River into Arkansas was as difficult as I feared. Traffic with only one west bound interstate bridge wasn’t bad. I stopped for gas at a Flying J at my exit for the campground. I bought gas there on other trips through the area. Being overly courteous I didn’t fill the tank all the way. I only put one $100 credit card authorization worth of gas in the RV. Another RV was waiting behind me to use the RV lane almost all the time I was there. It will be simple enough to another $100 or close to it in the RV when I leave here next week.

My site at the Tom Sawyer RV park is one row back from the river. I can see when river traffic is approaching and it’s easy enough to walk over to the river bank to watch the tug and barge pass by. I’ve already seen quite a few go by. That’s really why I’m here.

Tow complete with a helper tug heading up river.

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