Tuesday August 3rd 2021

The temperature is very comfortable in this area. It is five or six degrees below the average in this area. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties with a nice wind out of the north.

This first thing on today’s agenda was an unplanned item. I had to go to war with the ants. An uncountable number of the tiny things were clustering in the dirty or greasy areas of my RV home. I attacked all of the visible ants then went outside to investigate were they were coming from. Most likely they followed my water line into the RV. I did a few things to make their access more difficult, but I’ve been fighting a few smaller skirmishes all day. It has happened before and will likely happen again. Eventually, I win.

A good use for a big old log.

I spent the day refreshing my knowledge about this campground. I’m in a different area of the park than I was in last year. The park emptied out for the most part during the day, but filled up again as evening approached. I don’t think there are as many RVs here tonight.

Moments before the turtle dived. They see to be very timid.

The big feature at this RV park continues to be the Mississippi River. I didn’t see as many tugs and barges in the river today. Most of those that I did see were heading north up river. I don’t know if that is the current traffic condition, or the fact that up river bound tugs announce themselves very loudly. The big diesel engines have to work hard to make progress. The down stream boats don’t have to do as much work. I’m sure I’ll see lots of tugs pushing a string of barges while I here. I hope I see something a little more unusual too. Last year I saw a lash-up of windmills.

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