Last Day in Northwest Mississippi

Sunday August 1st 2021

The excess heat warning for this area is over. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties with a little more humidity than you’d like for total comfortability. A nice breeze helped keep the outside temperature under control. This weather is on the low side of normal compared to the last few days.

This is my last day in Northwest Mississippi. I stopped here for four days and five nights so I could secure my next reservation. Today I successfully booked a week at the Tom Sawyer’s RV Park in West Memphis Arkansas. I stayed there for a week last summer and look forward to my return visit. Watching the tugs and barges going up and down the river is entertaining. They only take phone reservations and seen to prefer that you leave a message on their voice mail. I hate voicemail.

I only have a little over 40 miles to travel. It may be slow going. Only one of the Interstate highway bridges over the Mississippi River is open. The Interstate 40 bridge has been under emergency repair since May. They plan to open the west bound I40 bridge sometime tomorrow. My natural route is on Interstate 55, but all the I40 traffic will be there too.

Sunset over the Mississippi Farm Lands.

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