End of July

Saturday July 31st 2021

It wasn’t as humid today and there was a little less haze in the sky today. The other positive weather trend was a stronger breeze. Even in the direct sunshine the breeze was refreshing. The Excessive Heat Warning continued today, but each day it has felt less significant. Tomorrow is only forecast to be in the eighties.

I am not getting as much exercise because of the heat. An evening walk around the RV park and the resort parking lots is all I’m getting. When combined with inconsistent sleep, I’m very lethargic. The cycling of the air conditioner at night wakes me up. If I set the thermostat high so it won’t be on it gets to warm. If I set the thermostat low so the AC will stay on it just gets to cold. My ideal solution is run the AC during the day up to bed time then turn it off and open the windows. That only works if the outside temperature gets down into the seventies overnight. It has been in the eighties overnight here.

Inside my RV home I have a new form of exercise. I’ve been drinking a lot of ice water the last couple of months. Just about every time I fill the tumbler with ice from the freezer one or two cubes get away. They bounce around and slide all across the floor. Sometimes it easy to find the cubes, but every now and then I’m on by hands and knees looking in all kinds of places. If I don’t find the cube right away, the little puddle it produces as it melts finds my stocking or bare feet.

On this evenings walk around the resort, I stopped in at the casino. The mask rules are last weeks. This area has high instances of COVID, but still allow vaccinated people to go mask less. I wore a mask, but there probably weren’t enough people in the place to represent much of a contagion. As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t know were everybody is. They certainly aren’t in this casino. I wasn’t in a gambling mood. I lost $20 in less than ten minutes.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the first of August. I started the month in the Florida panhandle followed by a couple of weeks in Louisiana. Neither location was particularly hot but both were very wet. As I started north to find cooler drier areas, I found a hotter zone at less desirable campgrounds and initially the rain continued. I’m gradually moving to areas with more tree cover and higher elevation.

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