Where is Everyone?

Friday July 30th 2021

The Excessive Heat Warning continued today, but is really more of a reminder that it is hot. You shouldn’t be working outside in the sun or doing other forms of exercise, but you could sit in the shade for awhile with a cold drink. The key was short and limited exposure. This is the hottest it is expected to get in this area this summer. The heat bubble breaks on Sunday. It is only forecast to be in the eighties.

This area is about thirty miles south of Memphis TN. It is currently home to six casino resorts with lots of hotel rooms, and gambling opportunities. Around the turn of the millennium there were eleven casinos. The area was the third largest gaming area in the country after Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. People used to come to this area from all around the country. The development of local and Indian casinos across the country cut into the business. The great recursion in 2008 and 2009 had an impact on business as well. In 2011 the Mississippi River flooded and damaged many of the resorts infrastructure.

Looking around today, I ask the question “Where is everybody?” The hotel at Sams Town doesn’t look like it is even ten percent full. The number of cars in the parking lot is tiny. I expected things to get busy as the weekend and night approached. There are only about six new residents in the campground and the casino parking lot continues to largely empty. The Hollywood Casino across the street doesn’t look much better, again judging by the number of cars in the parking lot.

Casinos I’ve visited across the country all had more cars in the parking lot during the day, evening and on weekends. My guess is if you combine the people at all of the six casinos in this area you will exceed the number at each of the local casinos around the country. It just will not be by much. I fail to see how all six casinos are economically viable.

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