Excessive Heat Warning

Thursday July 29th 2021

Today was the second or third day this area has been under an excessive heat warning. The combination of temperature and humidity is forecast over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. I think this specific area got off a little easier today than yesterday. The sun was blocked by some haze. The actual temperature didn’t get over the mid nineties and the heat index was only a little over 100 degrees. Tomorrow is also expected to be under an excessive heat warning.

I spent most of the day in the air conditioned comfort inside my RV home. It was a very slow day. I dozed off a couple of times for a few minutes each time. The TV was on all day, but I couldn’t tell you what was on. I did a lot of internet travel research and reading.

Blossom on one of the few decorative trees in the RV park.

This campground is almost empty. Three or four RVs that were here for the night left this morning. I think a couple of new guests arrived late this afternoon. A quick count comes up under ten RVs in the approximately 60 sites. Other than a few decorative trees near the restrooms and entrance road, it is a wide open field with cement pads for RVs. There is not much to draw someone here. Even the casino and hotel seem to be in need of customers. I haven’t been over to the casino. I’m judging by the parking lot which has very few cars during the day. At night it may be busier. Tomorrow night I might walk over and check.

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