Travel Day to Tunica Mississippi

Wednesday July 28th 2021

It took longer to get ready to travel than planned this morning. I was on the road at 10:30 about a half an hour later than planned. I’m going to blame the heat. It makes a good excuse since the area is under an excessive heat warning. The heat index was around 106 with an actual temperature in the upper nineties.

I chose a route that follows US 61 north along the western side of Mississippi. The interstate is further east and would be longer in miles and time. The road was a divided highway north of Vicksburg and again south of Tunica. In between it was a wide enough two lane road. Unfortunately the road surface was very rough and it had a few interesting dips. The inside contents of my RV home were well displaced when I arrived at my destination. I don’t remember the last time it was this bad, if ever.

My RV home waiting in the empty parking lot while I marched across the parking lot to the hotel lobby to check in.

The road passed through farm land. Most of the time one side of the road was planted with corn and the other side had a plant that I think was soybean. Corn is easy to identify, but the low green bushy plants could be many things. Occasionally along the way the road passed through or around towns. If the road were smother, I’d have really enjoyed the trip.

Site 102 at the Sams Town RV Park in Robinsonville MS.

I arrived at Sams Town Casino around 2:15PM. It is necessary to check in at the Hotel registration desk. The RV Park is out in an open field at the south end of the extensive parking lots. I was here in 2018 so I knew what I was getting into. I’ll be here until Monday while I work on my next destination.

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